EcoCatalytic Inc. acquires Bio2Electric, LLC

December 2022: Bio2Electric, LLC, started in 2009, successfully advanced early-stage technologies employing over $6 MM of government funding. To better facilitate the commercialization of its innovative oxidative ethylene technology, Bio2Electric was acquired by EcoCatalytic, Inc., a company focused on developing commercial partnerships and licensing.

EcoCatalytic successfully demonstrates pilot plant scale up of chemical looping ethylene technology

October 2019: As part of its $4 million project funded, in part, by the Advanced Manufacturing Office of the US Department of Energy, EcoCatalytic successfully demonstrated a 1,000 fold scale up of laboratory results in a continuous circulating bed pilot unit of its patented ethane to ethylene ODH technology.  The pilot unit runs at a 1.5 kg/D of ethylene product rate using a fluid catalyst prepared by a qualified commercial catalyst vendor.

Bio2Electric receives SBIR to develop mixed plastics up-scaling technology

July 2019: Bio2Electric, LLC was awarded a $200,000 DOE SBIR contract to develop its novel oxidative plastic cracking technology.  This technology utilizes Bio2Electric’s core chemical looping know-how and can convert unseparated mixture of plastic waste (HDPE, LDPE, PE, PET, PS, and others) back to their fundamental chemical building blocks.  This “ultimate” in recycling technology allows the production of recycled plastics with identical physical properties as virgin plastic, is internally energy balanced and does not require any plastic waste separation.


EcoCatalytic awarded ARPA-E contract for developing ethylene process

January 29, 2018. EcoCatalytic Technologies was awarded a $2 million contract from the Advanced Manufacturing Office of the Department of Energy for the development of EcoCatalytic’s “flameless combustion” process for the conversion of ethane to ethylene. This project will also be supported by $2 million of non-government matching funds.   It allows EcoCatalytic to scale up its recently patented advances in selective hydrogen combustion oxygen transfer agents.

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